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ÂME Opens Its Flagship Store in Los Angeles

Âme has collaborated with renowned designers, musicians and fragrance creators, to create a retail environment that sets the tone for the brand’s planned expansion in the United States and globally.

Alex Popov, Âme’s CEO, says: “The opening of our LA store marks the first permanent opportunity to reach our customers and invite them into this shared vision of what jewelry’s retail potential can be. Westfield Century City is a luxury hub for Los Angeles natives, as well as a key consumer tourist destination in the region, making it the perfect cross-section to engage our global audience”.

Âme worked in collaboration with the esteemed architecture firm, Baranowitz+Kronenberg (B+K) to a create a unique design of its boutique.

Custom-made display pods and hanging capsules allow customers to walk through the space among the jewelry pieces, each of which is presented within a state-of-the-art glass cloche.

The space is designed to project refined simplicity, and to evoke a passion for craft and hand-made objects. B+K also collaborated with Anne Kyyro Quinn to develop 3D felt panels along the walls of the store, which are set against a reflective stainless-steel ceiling and mirrored back wall.

Âme’s signature in-store scent was created by British perfume designer Azzi Glasser.


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