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Ahlatcı Holding is At The Top of Export

Not only Ahlatcı Holding has become one of the most important actors of jewellery sector also in Turkey's economy. Successfully, it became one of the giants of gold export field and showed record performance in 2018. Shortly after the introduction of the giant manufacturing factory in Corum, a record rise in the export was seen and with that contribution Ahlatcı Holding rose to the position of second largest exporter of Turkey jewellery industry.

The firms that were ranking the highest in the field of jewellery were awarded in the traditional Gala Night of the Istanbul Jewelry Show. Ranking second in Turkey jewellery industry and becoming one of the largest exporters of Turkey, Ahlatcı Holding had also been awarded in the Gala Night. Ahlatcı Holding showed an excellent performance in the year 2018 with a historical record export figure in the jewellery sector. Ahlatcı Holding Chairman Ahmet Ahlatcı made a statement in the night where the companies received their awards.

In the coming period, we will move our figures even higher

Our sector exported 4.5 billion dollars last year. We have also contributed to this success with our performance. Hopefully, we will move our export figures even higher in the coming period.

Export is a sacred duty

Our country needs export. We believe that every effort spent in order to increase our exports is sacred and we are working with 450 friends working in our factory in Çorum, with this awareness, making 3 shifts in a day. We are proud to know that the gold jewelry produced in Çorum has completed the elegance of women all over the world.

We think that we do very good things for our country

In addition, it is very important for us to contribute to the economy of our country with our exports. We think that we are doing very good things for our country. Since the day we were founded, we have an understanding that contributes to the national economy by creating high added value and providing employment. Ahlatcı Holding will continue to contribute to the development of our country's economy with hundreds of our friends working together with us.

We contribute to the development of design awareness

We think that one of the most important elements of producing high value-added products is design. In order to be competitive in global markets, it must be our duty to support the development of design awareness. As Ahlatcı Holding, we attach special importance to this issue and support the designers. For this reason, we became the sponsor of 2 of the 10 designs in the traditional Jewelery Design Competition organized by the Association of Jewelery Exporters. Our sector has trained human resources and giant-scale factories equipped with modern production equipment. We are confident that our sector will be the world leader by using these advantages and producing high value-added products in which the design put at the forefront. With 450 friends in our factory, we will continue to work day and night to do our best to carry our sector to the world leader position.


15,000 m2 closed area establishment was built on 202,000 m2 land, which has a rafination capacity of 312 tons of gold annually. "Aqua Regia" (King Water) method was implemented in our facilities' rafination process for the production of pure gold. Also, our facility has pure silver production capacity of 468 tons per year, in which electrolytic process is used for silver production.

Our Analysis laboratory has the state-of-the-art technical equipment, which operates in compliance with ISO 17025 standards. Our laboratory has Authorized Grading Office Licence which was obtained from Turkish Goverment State Mint and Seal General Headquartes in 2008, and is servicing to customs of Ankara and all cities east of Ankara.

Ahlatcı Metal Refinery is an environmentally sensitive organization which has ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certification, and AMR has waste gas filtration and waste water treatment plants. Our waste water treatment plant has been designed to provide the desired level of compliance in terms of fisheries law, environmental law and water pollution control regulations. In compliance with our high quality production approach, on December 7, 2015, our refinery has been accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. Likewise AMR also has been accredited to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure a safe working environment is provided in order to minimize the level of risks.


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