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Güncelleme tarihi: 11 Oca 2022

The ancient Greeks worshipped the goddess Artemis as the protector of young women.

In springtime, they believed, this fearless huntress ran through the forest with her golden bow in her hand, rousing all wild creatures from their long winter dream.

With each of her soft, swift foots- teps, Sleeping buds unfurled into tender green leaves and bright blossoms, announcing the arrival of the season of love.

Adler has brought this vision to life in a trio of delicate diamond tendrils and vibrant pear-shaped emeralds, symbolizing the perfection of a bud about to burst into flower.

Sparkling like dewdrops in the moonlight, each diamond leaf is carefully placed to reflect the irregularity of nature, giving this exquisite piece an eye-catching asymmetry.

Artemis necklace Channels the irresistible attraction of new love in the form of a glittering vine that caresses the neck as gently as the first warm breeze of spring. A masterpiece of lightness and strength, the Artemis necklace is slightly articulated to fall perfectly at the neckline.


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