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New designs mimic the natural landscape in evocative, artful pieces crafted by the maison.

Cartier has always meant luxury, and with the new Sixième Sens Par Cartier collection, luxury is made for the soul. Unparalleled craftsmanship is infused into the collection of high jewelry with an intense passion for art going hand-in-hand; the pieces are evocative, meant to inspire, made to move powerfully and wholly. Cartier is doing what Cartier does best: making jewelry to be carried through life.

Pieces in the new collection are emotional and expressive, with textures capturing and reflecting light, relaying the natural gem hues of nature, bringing pieces of the heavens down to earth. Sixième Sens Par Cartier recalls abundance: the ripe saturation of the earth’s fruit, the organic curves, and lines of nature, the light and gravity of the night sky. Jewelry comes to life on the skin, and in turn, the skin is made all the more alive when adorned. How does one harness the art of the earth into a collection of jewelry? It might be through a glimmering 8.20-carat ruby, encapsulated in the Phaan Ring, a contrast of stones and hues bringing the tiered construction to life with a 4.01-carat rose-cut diamond. The rich crimson of an apple, an orchard, a rose is just for the ringer, delicate yet powerful.

Or, the intensity of art and the emotion it brings can be captured through the Meride Necklace, a dramatic yet delicate architectural piece made of diamonds, onyx and rock crystal, conveying a checkerboard print that comes to life with movement. Striking as a wondrous landscape, the Pixelage Necklace evokes joy, a bountiful harvest, a happy coalescence.

With a layered zig-zag pattern of golden topaz stones, polished onyxes, and white, yellow, and orange diamonds, the intricate, unique necklace has the stealth and beauty of a feline, the geometrical design, and versatility of nature’s most majestic creatures. The Parhelia Ring evokes the depth of the ocean, the vast expanse of the sea. In the center is a 21.51-carat sapphire cabochon, mimicking the water with a deep blue surrounded by five parentheses of diamonds and emeralds, the water’s gems. Depth is given by the shadow effect of black lacquer, and like the water, the ring is viscous in form—it can be detached as a motif and worn as a brooch, too.

Luxury is encapsulated in the Alaxoa Necklace and the Sharkara Necklace, two dynamic pieces crafted of emeralds and colored sapphires, garnets and diamonds respectively, contrasting the green of rolling hills with the red of embers of the earth. The collection is completed by the Coruscant Necklace, a testament to the Maison with a repeating motif and geometrical design constructed of a tight chain of brilliant diamonds.


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