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Fiorever Is A Tribute To Passion And Joy Of Life

Bvlgari presents Fiorever, the new collection of diamonds inspired by the symbolism of flowers and its link with femininity. A portmanteau neologism that sees "fiore", the Italian for flower, and the English word "forever" fuse to make Fiorever. Forever, like the beauty of a diamond, emblem of an unchanging state, reminiscent of the charm of Rome, the Eternal City.

Flower, the natural spontaneous passion for life, for its delicacy, with all the appeal of a work of art. The Maison in Rome has chosen a four-petal design for these jewels, a decorative element typical of many buildings in the cultural heritage of Rome, historic diamonds unspoilt by time. Villa Livia, with its frescoed gardens, a splendid example of Augustian art in the first century A.D., Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, a triumph of nineteenth-century architecture by Camillo Pistrucci, where a collection of ancient art is set against nature-themed decor, and finally, the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza, whose walls bloom with colourful mosaics. Ancient aesthetics and modern-day craftsmanship come together in these pieces of jewellery, proof of the quality embraced by Bvlgari since 1920. They have strong, decisive lines, their golden stems opening out into petals set with diamonds.

The petals are alive and vibrant with volume and movement, trembling as if caressed by the wind: an imitation of nature that goes beyond reality itself. A solitary diamond sits at the heart of each jewel, a dazzling pistil with values ranging from 0.10 to 0.50 carats. The collection picks up on the creations in the High Jewellery line presented in 2017 and aims to complete the creative direction taken last year. The Fiorever campaign has been commissioned to the photographer Mario Sorrenti, and it stars the face of the Barcelonan actress Úrsula Corberó, known to the general public thanks to her role in the Netflix series, Money Heist. Her lively personality, brio and feminine energy are perfect for the Fiorever collection and the image of the Bvlgari woman: exuberant, irreverent, characterised by an almost Roman personality in Dolce Vita style that makes her passionate and at times instinctive. A woman, a flower, a jewel: this is the essence of Fiorever, a triple being that is however a whole, expressed in the diamond's promise of eternity -a tribute to love, passion and joie de vivre.


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