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Garrard Unveils New High Jewelry Collection With Bold Ad Campaign

British jeweler, Garrard, unveiled its newest high jewelry collection titled, “Couture,” and accompanies it with a new advertising campaign that seems to mark a new contemporary brand strategy for the historic jewelry house known for its royal pedigree.

The new high jewelry creations showcase a mix of colored gemstones and silhouettes, with each Couture jewel “designed to be worn with style and attitude,” the company said in a statement.

The collection is organized in a series of suites named: Amazonia, Desert Rose, Northern Lights and Mustique. Each explore different colors, techniques and innovations, while working with gems and materials in unexpected combinations, while experimenting with size and shape.

In the Desert Rose suite, morganites were sourced and recut specifically for the design created by Sara Prentice, Garrard creative director. The gems are framed by mother-of-pearl inlay, using its shimmer to accent the peach-pink tone of the gems. Other statement gems in the suite include bicolor tourmalines that softly graduate from green to pink and a buff-top tourmaline in a setting designed to showcase the gem in a 360-degree setting. Cabochon aquamarines, meanwhile, create a completely different effect to the traditional faceted aquamarines.

Craftsmanship is showcased in the Northern Lights suite. The designers at Garrard worked with stone-cutting experts to craft high-quality opals, pairing them with bicolor mother-of-pearl that transitions from white to gold and multi-colored sapphires to mirror the play of color within the opals.

“We considered how each Couture creation would be worn and, of course, how it would feel against the skin,” Prentice said. “Intended to be statement pieces, these jewels are incredibly pleasurable to wear, just like a couture dress.”

She continues, “Just like a bespoke gown, each Couture jewel is a one-off, created by hand by master craftspeople who share the same exquisite attention to detail and finish as a couturier.”

The high jewelry launch is accompanied by a new photo and advertising campaign entitled “Rule,” inspired by Garrard’s royal heritage. Shot in a palace setting designed to be splendid and expensive looking, the campaign, which includes stills and videos, is designed to bring a new contemporary attitude to a traditional royal setting. “Rule subverts the traditions of Royal portraiture with a bold, modern editorial attitude,” the brand said.


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