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Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Turkey introduced the jewellery presentation tool J-BOX to meet the jewelry industry’s needs. With this J-BOX equipment, jewellers can present their jewellery items to customers in HD image quality. J-BOX was designed to be used not only by wholesalers but also by retail stores.

J-BOX, the online jewellery presentation box developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, met an essential need of jewellery companies. The equipment has the software infrastructure used by major TV channels and can transmit images in HD image quality. Thanks to the specially used lenses and unique lighting system, jewellers can show the jewels to their customers online. Besides presenting the jewellery items, the buyer and the seller can have a video call by means of the special software.

Foreign trade companies started to use in the first place Mustafa Kamar, President of the Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Turkey, said the following about the J-BOX they developed: “There were travel restrictions during COVID-19. Hence, international travel was not possible. However, jewellery manufacturers using J-BOX continued to sell their new collections in HD image quality to jewellery companies in different countries. Companies in Turkey first used J-BOX, and it was also experienced by jewellery companies in many countries. These countries demanded this equipment as they used it. So, we decided to start mass production.”

J-BOX integrated with “J-BOX jewellery presentation box can work integrated with the B2B export portal Visitors to the website can request presentations on J-BOX. This is extremely important for the development of international trade. Thanks to J-BOX, we can experience a jewellery fair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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