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“My jewellery reflects emotions, passions, and desire with a burst of creativity. I start with a concept that then blossoms into an elegant ornament”

Bold, beautiful and with a touch of darkness, Leyla Abdollahi’s fine jewellery successfully demands your attention. These seductive pieces have a unique edge that appeals to confident sophisticated women who are drawn to strikingly dramatic jewellery with a story to tell.

Born and raised with both Eastern and Western influences, Leyla Abdollahi who has a fine arts background successfully honed her natural ability in jewellery design when she studied for hr BA in jewellery design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. In 2011, Leyla Abdollahi launched her own fine jewellery and says of her label “I do not simply create jewellery, I create pieces for collectors who want something beautiful to enjoy and treasure.”

Leyla Abdollahi is a label that is unafraid to challenge conventions, explore new materials and push boundaries. Her exquisite handcrafted fine jewellery pieces 18kt Rose Gold, with precious stones and diamonds, provoke the kind of visual pleasure that has caught the attention of many jewellery industry insiders.

She is currently acclaiming a stance as one of Britain’s hottest new fine jewellers. Leyla’s success has been highlighted within the industry with her being nominated for jewellery designer of the year at the UK jewellery awards 2012. Leyla’s unique creations continue to convey an everlasting enchanting and artistic experience. Expanding internationally, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and the United States.


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