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Whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, Chanel’s Coco Crush collection lets your express your unique personality freely

Just as Coco Chanel fearlessly revolutionised the way women dress and style themselves, that same spirit is reflected in everything the House of Chanel creates. Four years since the debut of its fine jewellery collection, Coco Crush, we still can’t stop crushing on the quilted-motif pieces, from the delicate chain necklace to the chunky diamond-studded ring.

Nail the art of minimalism with Coco Crush by letting each individual piece shine. Going minimalist doesn’t have to mean being boring, Jazz up a statement jacket (like the metallic leather jacket above) with classic jewellery, or pair the timeless pieces with everyday denim for an effortless vibe.

And as we prep ourselves (and our wardrobes) for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations—not to mention Chinese New Year right up ahead—it’s time to embrace the season’s festivities and have fun with Coco Crush. Complement your party outfits by piling on ring upon ring (yes, on the same finger) and layer a yellow gold bracelet with a white gold one. There’s no better excuse to go over the top and be bold with your maximalist look!

Whether you’re all about more-is-more or prefer to keep it simple, Chanel’s Coco Crush collection is definitely a staple in every jewellery arsenal.

The Chanel Coco Crush collection is available at Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique and Chanel Fashion Boutiques.


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