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Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), 2020 will open in Vicenza on 17th January under the banner of strategies and actions to promote the gold – jewellery industry.

In agenda, two exhibition giants: VOJ - Vicenzaoro January The Jewellery Boutique Show and T-GOLD, the international show for machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to jewellery and precious metal processing, both showcasing until the 22nd. But that’s not all.

“The business and innovation combination,” said IEG President, Lorenzo Cagnoni, “is indispensable and every edition of our events are always further enriched. In this case it will be with the brand new VO VINTAGE event, an original exhibition dedicated to vintage watches and jewellery with unique items and some of the world’s most coveted rarities on display.

An announcement that I know the whole market is pleased about.”

VO VINTAGE will have its own entrance and be held from 18th to 20th Janaury in the foyer on the first floor of the Vicenza Expo Centre in an exclusive context specifically for collectors and enthusiasts and will involve a select number of renowned exhibitors at this first edition. The exhibitors, some showcasing to the public for the first time, will be proposing their unique and timeless collections.

Stefano Mazzariol, one of the most prestigious names in the Vintage Watch sector, explained: “We will be at VO VINTAGE to meet a select and knowledgable audience. Selling vintage also means selling the history and culture of a vintage item so that enthusiasts can discover and re-live the flavour of a watch from times göne by and be enamoured by the story that lies behind it”.

VO VINTAGE will be attended by great collectors, such as internationally renowned Sandro Fratini, and by the most esteemed and well-known experts, such as Giulio Papi, the most famous master watch-maker in the world.

The first event of the year for the gold – jewellery industry (in fact, the official hashtage will be #primavicenzaoro), VOJ is the sector’s international hub of reference, the most exclusive and much-awaited stage for the market’s top brands to exhibit their latest creations.

IEG’s ownership and management of the Italian trade show Jewellery Agenda, which unravels with two editions of VO in January and September and OROAREZZO and GOLD ITALY in Arezzo, as well as other shows organized around the World for Italian companies, from the Arab Emirates to the United States, make IEG a key player: “The Customers,”explained Patrizia Cecchi, IEG’s Director of Exhibitions Italy, “acknowledge our role as a business platform for international relations.

Not only do we work meticulously on profiling buyers, we also bring them to where our companies’ identity is. The identity of a historic, cultural and social territory. In a nutshell, this is Made in Italy promotion and we have a first-rate partner for this in ICE – the Italian Trade Agency, and another, Vicenza Municipality, for promoting the territory among an international public”.

According to data processed for FEDERORAFI by Confindustria Moda’s Research Centre, the first six months of 2019 saw a +6.2% increase in Italian jewellery exports.

VOJ 2020 hosts 1500 exhibiting brands – covering the entire production chain - and their arrangement into communities, based on positioning and target, facilitates the show experience for the traders, the majority of whom are foreign buyers from over 120 countries representing the most prestigious boutiques, malls, retailers and stores in the world’s largest cities.

Italian Exhibition Group, which will be closing an exceptional edition of Ecomondo, Europe’s number one show for the green, blue and circular economy, tomorrow at Rimini Expo Centre, will immediately re-open this highly topical file at VOJ 2020 under the banner of Sustainability, a theme developed and further examined in all its aspects during Cibjo’s main event as well as at the traditional Digital Talks and Gem Talks.

VOJ 2020 will also deal with another of Italian Exhibition Group’s key themes which regards trade shows as a bridge between the worlds of research and work. “We will have a hackaton in collaboration with Padua University,” Marco Carniello, IEG’s Jewellery & Fashion Brand Director announced from China, where he is negotiating international VOJ relations.

“A ‘call for ideas’ open to 60,000 students and researchers summoned to find business solutions for new ways of creating innovative packaging will bring to VOJ the 40 best proposals to be placed before an advisory board consisting of sector companies and protagonists”.

Creativity and innovation will also be the focus of “VISIO.NEXT”, VOJ 2020’s opening conference, this year organized by Club degli Orafi.

At the same time as VOJ, Vicenza Exhibition Centre will also be attracting visitors from all over the world with T-GOLD, the international show for machinery and advanced technologies designed to increase the quality of jewellery processing. A 4,000 mÇ exhibition area in which top companies operating within the sector will be offering the latest ideas and technologies absolutely indispensable for jewellery producers that want to launch their business internationally.


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