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Güncelleme tarihi: 11 Oca 2022

A group of nine suspects took over a jewelry store in a Hayward, CA, mall.

Large groups of robbers have been carrying out smash and grab robberies at jewelry stores and other businesses in California, the Jewelers’ Security Alliance reports.

In one incident, a group of nine suspects took over a jewelry store in a Hayward mall, using hammers and other tools to smash showcases and take jewelry merchandise, according to the organization.

The crime took place at Sam’s Jewelers in Southland Mall on Nov. 21, CBS SF reports. Witnesses said suspects entered other stores as well, taking clothing and shoes. (Scroll down to watch a news video with footage from the scene.)

It wasn’t immediately clear how much jewelry was taken from Sam’s Jewelers. The New York Post reports that on Dec. 2, robbers hit Quick Service Jewelry Design in the Eastridge Mall in San Jose. They used hammers to break cases.

The San Jose Police Department said that four suspects were involved and that “several items were taken.”

A number of similar crimes have taken place in recent weeks, including one in which about 80 people ransacked a San Francisco Nordstrom, assaulting employees and making off with merchandise in cars waiting outside.

JSA advises: “It can be extremely dangerous to try to intervene in these robberies. Try to stay calm, and get out of their way to avoid injury.”


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