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Güncelleme tarihi: 11 Oca 2022

Valérie Messika is to diamonds what Kate Moss is to fashion. With the word freedom as their central motif, the fashion icon and creator of diamond jewelry built a Collaboration based on spontaneity and sincerity. As if celebrating a gradual return to normal life, the design duo Valérie Messika and Kate Moss have collaborated once again to create a new opus.

Drawing from an extensive palette of colours, top model Kate Moss and jewelry designer Valérie Messika have put their heads together for a second time to create a new and original High Jewelry collection bursting with colour and includes thirty-six pieces with multiple designs and inspirations.

Malachite, white mother-of-pearl, turquoise and onyx, the diamond jewelry from the new Messika By Kate Moss collection are composed of an infinite range of colours. A play of textures, contrasts between the colours of the gold and of the other materials, bold designs, attention to detail and new wear styles, everything has been meticulously thought out to achieve a beautiful and harmonious High Jewelry collection that adorns not only the neck, earlobes, wrists and fingers, but also the forehead, hands, ears and body. Together, these two women push the boundaries of how jewelry is worn.

More than ever before, this female duo have been taken in by a creative rhythm punctuated not only by colour, but also by the ergonomics of their pieces. According to the international top model, diamond jewelry must be one with its wearer. An idea that is shared by creator of the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison, who designs jewelry that accompanies wo- men in their daily lives.


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